Why is my voice quality very poor?

From time to time we find that clients may have call quality problems. The most common cause of this is limited bandwidth provided to you by your Internet Service Providers (ISP). We have found that more and more ISPs are now offering entry level broadband plans with limited speed. These plans are often called 'Lite' or 'Basic' and they severly affect the quality of your digital phone connection and your entire Internet browsing experience.

If you are on one of these entry level packages you may have just enough speed to support a VoIP telephone call but not enough to enjoy the crystal clear quality of our service. If you are unsure which package you are on, or how much bandwidth you have, perform a speed test below to determine how fast your connection is. If prompted, please use the city closest to you when testing for a more accurate speed. You may also want to multiple tests from various locations to get a more accurate average.