How to obtain the IP Address of your Phone

All Models (except Linksys RT31p2 Router)
  • Get a pen and paper ready
  • Connect a telephone handset to the TrinitiComm adapter.
  • Using the handset dial the star key (*) four times.
  • You will hear a man's voice say "Configuration Menu".
  • Dial 110# , the phone will then read out the IP address

Linksys Router Model (RT31p2 model)
  • Connect your computer to the RT31p2 to anyone of the 3 ethernet ports
  • Open your web-browser (Example: Internet Explorer)
  • In the address bar type: and press enter.
  • Enter the default username: admin and password: admin
  • You are now in the router admin area, click on Status in the menu bar
  • Note the WAN IP address. This is the IP address of your digital telephone adapter