Can TrinitiComm work with wireless internet?

The VOIP adapter needs to be plugged into a physical ethernet outlet. At some locations, the only internet available is via a wifi hotspot (sometimes called a 'wireless internet') such as in some hotels, cafes, shopping malls.

In such cases, here are some options you can try, starting with the easiest:

--- If you have a laptop that can connect to the wireless internet, then a softphone would be the simplest solution. Please go to Click Here to download the softphone and follow the instructions on how to set it up. You will need a headset to be able to use the softphone, but these are inexpensive and usually found at many electronics stores.

--- Any Windows XP/Vista computer that has both a wifi card and an ethernet plug can be configured to act as a wireless bridge. Basically, you plug the VOIP adapter directly to the computer, and the computer acts as the go-between so that the adapter can get to the internet. This requires some changes to your computer's settings. If you are unfamiliar with it, please contact us and we can use a remote assist tool to help you.

--- Some wireless routers can also act in "wireless bridge" mode. Bascially the router turns the wirless signal back to a regular ethernet one, so that you can plug your VOIP adapter into it to work. Not all wireless routers can do this. This also requires a fair amount of technical skills to get working.

We would also like to place a word of caution - some places (especially hotels) purposely block VOIP traffic. This means that no mater what you try, VOIP won't work at such places. They usually do this to force their customers/guests to use the house phones, which they would be able to charge for.