How do I use the GeneSys calling features?

How do I use the GeneSys calling features?
Feature To Activate To Deactivate Notes
Say my phone number *31
Says current phone number.
Echo Test *32

Play Music *33
Plays on-hold music for up to 1 minute.
Current Time *34
Says current date-time
Call Block (Private CallerID) Block on a per-call basis:
*67 + number-to-call

Call block only blocks on a per-call basis. In other words, the very next call will show the caller id, unless *67 is used again.
Call Holding

Flash-hook to place the current call on-hold. Person will hear on-hold music.
Call Display (incoming calls)

Use CallerID phone/box.
Call Waiting

Phone will beep/ring on 2nd incoming call (waiting). Flash-hook to switch to call.
3-Way Calling

1. Dial 1st number
2. After 1st party answers, flash hook to get new dialtone and then dial 2nd number.
3. When 2nd party answers, flash hook again to activate 3-way calling between everyone.
Call Forward Always *72 + number
Example: *726046067880
*73 Forwards ALL incoming calls.
Call Forward On-Busy *90 + number *91 Forwards incoming calls only when handset is in use (i.e. busy).
Note: If you also have call-waiting service, then handset is only 'busy' on 3rd incoming call.
Call Forward No-Answer *92 + number *93 Forwards incoming calls if not answered.
Voicemail *98
The default password is the last 4 digits of your phone number.