Video-On-Demand (VOD)

Video-On-Demand VOD Reviewing Video-On-Demand Contents Navigate to the Video-On-Demand section. Use the up and down arrow buttons on your Nuclius remote control to move through the On-Demand content categories. Highlight the category you would like to view and press the OK button. The list of content will appear on screen. Navigate through the list with the up and down arrow buttons to select the content you want to watch, and then select the OK button. A content information screen will be presented giving details on the selection, and rental information. Use the Yellow button for a brief preview. Use the Green button to purchase and/or play the selection and follow the on-screen instructions. Rentals are based on the Video-On-Demand system. As soon as you have confirmed on screen that you want to rent a video, you can start watching it: you can Play, Pause, Fast-Forward, Rewind and Stop all On-Demand content just like you can with a Blu-Ray/DVD. Turning On Audio and/or Subtitles When watching On-Demand content, simply press the Yellow button on your Nuclius remote control to bring up the Audio/Subtitles panel. Use the up and down arrow buttons to move along the Audio options and highlight the desired audio language, then press the OK button to activate the selection. Apply the same procedure to activate the subtitles. How Much Does It Cost to Rent Videos? Rental costs do vary. You will see the price displayed by each On-Demand content description. How and When Am I Billed? You will find the details and cost for each item you have rented during the billing period on your Nuclius bill. All Pre-Order customers will be charged for the rental at the time of rental purchase. Upon successful processing of your Rental purchase, the rented content will be made immediately available. How Long Is The Rental Period? The standard rental period for On-Demand content is twenty-four (24) hours from the instant your rental purchase has been processed successfully. The date and time is displayed alongside the description of the rented On-Demand content, so you can always see how long you have left to watch a rental.