Kick-Start Crowdfunding Chosen Over Private Investors

Nuclius Ursa - Custom Kick-Starter Campaign for Private Funding

CANTON, OH - February 16, 2015 — In a time when raising capital is more painful and difficult now than it has ever been before, relief has finally been found. A new day has dawned in the capitalization space where companies are desperately in need of funds to Kick-Start their company or new product or service. And what is a "Kick-Start" you might ask?

A Kick-Start is a business investment term for an infusion of capital to get a company or product launched successfully into the marketplace. Typically, a single or handful of investors provided the capital to Kick-Start a company or product, but now Kick-Starting has been applied to the "crowdfunding" model with enormous success. And using the power of the "crowd" through viral, word-of-mouth marketing and small contributions or "pledges" from a large number of individuals (Kick-Starters), this proven model can be a viable and sometimes the only logical source of capital for company infusion.

In exchange for a Kick-Starter's pledge, he/she would receive some sort of "reward" based on his/her level of contribution. Crowdfunding appears to be a brilliant approach for companies to get the funds they need and still retain control of their company and vision. It goes along the veins of "it is better to have 1% of 100 than 100% of 1". And with recent and upcoming rulings by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), crowdfunding will be a powerful new trend for companies to get the capital they need with virtually none of the downside from traditional investors. Including equity crowdfunding. It's no wonder that this revolutionary approach was adopted by a revolutionary company with a revolutionary HDTV product, service and approach to gaining market share. Triniti Communications (, an emerging leader in digital services technologies, today announced the launch of its Nuclius Ursa HMG Kick-Starter Campaign on 2/16/2015. This campaign will without a doubt officially launch the portable HD IPTV Revolution that could bring about the demise of the cable, satellite and even other IPTV portions of the Pay-TV industry.

"With a product and service as promising as Nuclius, our potential to radically change Pay-TV forever and constant attempts by investors to unfairly take too much equity in our company, the crowdfunding option was the perfect fit for our people-driven company,” says Darin Miller, CEO and digital unification guru. "Potential major investors starting coming out of the woodwork once they caught wind of Nuclius being seen live and in action. We had our discussions and at the end of the day, we had a decision to make. Would we take the dollars and let them manipulate the essence of who we are to accommodate their biased views or not. We chose not. We refuse to let anyone come into our house and mess with our Family. I don't care who they are, who they know or how much money they have. We have spent a tremendous amount of time and money to get things where they are and frankly, the millions of dollars they wanted to invest will be generated, and then some, by Triniti on a monthly basis once Nuclius goes mainstream. So to their shock, we turned them down. They knew Nuclius was scheduled to be released in August and they used that to their advantage to press us for more of the company than they should rightfully have. Their tactic backfired. It offended me, then ticked me off and I haven't looked back. But we now had a problem. We were going to miss our August deadline and still needed the funds to do things the right way." Getting access to the funds however, didn't remain a problem for the young startup for long, due to a valuable tip that was received from a small TrinitiComm investor familiar with crowdfunding.

They decided to use the "Power of the People" to raise the capital they needed. "The foundation of our business and collective success is rooted in relationships. It is about showing people how to share simple information with their friends, family, co-workers, church members, etc. so they can stop the madness and get the services they pay for every month from themselves to save and make money simultaneously. That IS networking. And this same approach can be used to raise the funds we need and keep Triniti Communications... well... Triniti Communications," says Miller. "And considering that there have been several companies, with nowhere close to what we have ready to be released to the market, that have successfully raised millions of dollars to launch their companies using this new 'crowdfunding' approach, it was clear that this was our answer. The foundation of our company is the 'crowd'. It was the perfect fit. So we went to work building our own state-of-the-art secure Kick-Starter Crowdfunding Platform.

Everyone knows that the undisputed champ of online crowdfunding is Kickstarter. But our project was much too large and controversial for a company like Kickstarter. In addition to that, there are a few major drawbacks with using a system like Kickstarter's or their competition.

  1. They are third-party so a Fundraiser/Project Creator can never really have an intimate and integrated relationship with their Backers/Customers other than what is available through their limited platform. That's not good.
  2. The fees that have to be paid to the payment processor and Kickstarter are almost 10%. Much too generous for just a "crowdfunding" site and a company working hard to get a company/project off the ground needs every dollar they can get.
  3. They have no real and effortless way to get the data from them in the perfect way for accounting, customer service, shipping, etc. That breaks and cripples the operations process. The third-party site calls all the shots and has all of the control. We don't. So we did the impossible again. We made our own Kick-Start site and took things to an entirely new level than can never be reached by a third-party provider."

For the last month or so, they have had a top-secret program underway to build a completely integrated crowdfunding site that will allow them to raise the funds they need to get Nuclius Ursa fully out into the Marketplace. But here's the beauty of them taking control of their own Kick-Starter experience. "Since our KS Campaign is on our servers, it is thoroughly tied to how we function. For starters, everybody who makes a Pledge to Back the HDTV Revolution, will automatically become a customer in our database," says Miller. "And once they are in this system, they are now an integral part of our Customer Service, Kick-Starter forums, customer service forums, order processing, fulfillment and corporate communications. Not a third party site. Kickstarter, Indiegogo and even the white-label platforms can’t even come close to what we have put together. It is unimaginably robust without the gimmicks."

And their Kick-Starter private preview site is stunning! A far better look than the plain neon-green campaign pages. Triniti Communications clearly has everything in place that is necessary to conduct a monumental and maybe even historical fundraising campaign for Nuclius Ursa. Surely others will want to buy this platform from them after it is proven successful, but we are confident that they won't sell it. It will be priceless.

They have Pledge levels ranging from $10 to $10,0000+ for all budget-sizes, with some very cool rewards for giving them your support. The link to the Nuclius Ursa Kick-Start Campaign is We strongly urge you to go Back the Nuclius project and use the Share/Save widgets provided to help spread the word to your Social Networks. Revolution is finally here!

About Triniti Communications
Triniti Communications (TrinitiComm) is a privately-held, global, next-generation, digital communications, entertainment, automation and security company with corporate offices located in Canton, Ohio USA.

Their mission is to provide premium, cutting-edge, digital communications products and services that are of the people and for the people and marketed exclusively through a powerful and entirely unique Social Network Referral System, designed to allow you eventually get all of your primary digital services at no-out-of-pocket expense.

The principals of Triniti have over 30 years of experience in communications, entertainment, IT, Internet and data technologies, physical and electronic security, content distribution, broadcasting and more.

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