TrinitiComm HDTV Testing Overwhelmingly Successful

Nuclius HDTV - Nationwide HDTV Content Distribution Working Flawlessly

CANTON, OH - March 17, 2014 — "The Death of Cable and Satellite" is the mantra being shouted all over the Internet as a result of Nuclius HD IPTV and its Ursa 9 Volt-sized Hybrid Media Gateway (HMG). A very bold and controversial statement that is turning heads sure enough, but now it appears to have the weight of becoming truth, due to the recently closed phase of a series of nationwide tests of the Nuclius state-of-the-art HD content distribution network. Triniti Communications (, may just be the final nail in the coffin of the decrepit Cable and Satellite Pay-TV model and may in fact, force Cable and Satellite to abandon their antiquated, expensive and limited business model once and for all or suffer the consequences. It sounds like we must prepare ourselves for the "Netflix/Blockbuster" title bout of the Pay-TV industry. And Nuclius looks extremely promising. A young, strong, agile and hungry contender against aging foes obviously past their prime. A lopsided victory is looming.

Nuclius Ursa is a revolutionary, palm-sized all-inclusive home entertainment appliance and service that boasts loudly as a truly viable alternative to cable and satellite television. And due to reports and even YouTube videos of recent testing, things are looking really good for all Pay-TV consumers.

"Due to the overwhelmingly successful testing and tweaking of our HDTV distribution mechanisms live over the Internet, we have proven to the world that we can make the impossible possible. We were told that we could never have live cable or satellite-caliber HDTV content distributed with flawless precision over the Internet at 99.9% up-time. Well there are many people that have witnessed and even personally used Nuclius doing exactly that, at various locations all over the USA. The criticism was silenced permanently and many heads took notice at what we accomplished. Competition, potential partners, investors and customers are all locked in on us. They have witnessed the birth of an emerging digital communications giant," says Darin Miller, CEO and digital unification visionary. "Nuclius is not just a great idea or concept. Our technology is real and live. Everyone who has seen it in action has been completely blown away. It has completely shattered their expectations. Ursa’s little-big brother, the Electra, is basically the exact same as the Ursa but the Ursa is just re-packaged in a much smaller form-factor. For the last four months, we have had several Electras being used and perfected nationwide, paving the way for Ursa to be used by the masses. And this tweaking isn’t being done in some lab by tech heads with PhDs, but instead, by the People of this great nation. People from all walks of life using Nuclius in their own homes over their existing Internet connections. No modification necessary. This grassroots approach is the only way to assure Nuclius will exceed expectations and win the trust of the masses upon release."

Nuclius Ursa is clearly a hardware/software/service combination unlike any other on earth. "For the first time in history, consumers will experience truly integrated broadband Internet, premium VoIP phone, up to 1080p HDTV, video conferencing, home security & automation, web browsing, interactive live TV shopping, movie rental, HD video gaming, media library access, heating/air/lighting control and more from one powerful little Ursa device. All securely accessed and controlled on your HDTV screen, computer and Spirit smartphone and tablet devices," says Miller. "In this new millennium, the array of digital services we depend on on a daily basis should be seamlessly tied together to work in harmony like the structure of an atom with its nucleus at the center. Well that is the perfect analogy for how our Nuclius is designed and positioned. To not only be a viable alternative to cable and satellite service but to also be the true harmonious center of your entire digital universe."

I think it is safe to say that due to the success of this final round of testing, the digital Unification Revolution is finally just about here and we will all immensely benefit from it thanks to the genius thinking and doing of Triniti Communications.

About Triniti Communications
Triniti Communications (TrinitiComm) is a privately-held, global, next-generation, digital communications, entertainment, automation and security company with corporate offices located in Canton, Ohio USA.

Their mission is to provide premium, cutting-edge, digital communications products and services that are of the people and for the people and marketed exclusively through a powerful and entirely unique Social Network Referral System, designed to allow you eventually get all of your primary digital services at no-out-of-pocket expense.

The principals of Triniti have over 30 years of experience in communications, entertainment, IT, Internet and data technologies, physical and electronic security, content distribution, broadcasting and more.

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