TrinitiComm Launching New Unlimited Wireless Service

Spirit - A Simple, No-Nonsense, Unlimited Wireless Experience

CANTON, OH - January 25, 2014 — The wireless industry has been plagued and dominated by wireless companies that are all basically the same but with different names. We have constantly been paying more for less for our wireless needs with no hope of salvation in sight, but now finally there is a company appearing on the scene with the company-wide premise of allowing the consumer to actually pay less for more. What a refreshing, revolutionary and much appreciated approach to doing business in the digital services industry. Triniti Communications (, an emerging leader in digital services technologies, today announced the launch of its Spirit nationwide unlimited wireless service on 6/1/2013.

Spirit is just what we have been waiting for. Unlimited, nationwide, prepaid wireless service with no contracts, no deposits and a whole lot more for less than $40 per month. And if you get an Android-powered smartphone and opt for the unlimited data option, you can expect to get setback just $49 bucks a month. They will even let you add lines to your service like contract-based services' "Family Plans" for a nominal fee.

As far as devices go, they boast some of the latest and most popular devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, HTC One, LG Optimus G, Apple iPhone, Motorola Photon Q, Motorola Droids and many more. They even have a powerful Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program in place for anyone that wants to bring their existing Sprint or Verizon-branded devices over to the Spirit mobile network.

So now we have the best of both worlds. Service and devices on par with contract-based services but with the freedom that is attracting more and more people to prepaid wireless options. And these days, considering the current state of the economy, the lack of freedom, rising wireless costs, automatic two-year contract renewals for changing anything on your account (except billing info it appears), extended contract lengths and stiff penalties for breaking a contract, the entrance of a wireless alternative like Spirit is really perfect timing for a wireless revolution.

Spirit appears to truly be a revolutionary, next generation wireless service. "We chose the name Spirit for our wireless division because it truly encompasses the essence of what we feel wireless service should be in this day and age and also the prolific, endless and contagious nature of what our wireless service will ultimately become over time," says Darin Miller, CEO and wireless freedom visionary. "A simple, global wireless phone service solution that has all of what you would demand from premier wireless service, but without all of the nonsense that plagues the wireless services of today."

And if Spirit alone wasn't mind-blowing enough, Triniti Communications has come up with an ingenious and unique way to allow anyone to get their wireless and all other core digital communications, entertainment, automation and security services at no out-of-pocket expense. Triniti has developed and perfected a powerful, daily-paying, word-of-mouth referral system that allows you to do this with ease from home. "I have been a powerless victim of abuse and unfair business practices by the leading forces in the digital services space many times, and one day we felt it was time to take the consumer purchasing power from these undeserving companies and put it in the hands of the consumers themselves where it belongs," says Miller. "Either humility and change or bankruptcy will be the inevitable result. In the midst of this terrible economy, two things remains consistent. Service prices are going up and income is going down for the majority of Americans. The American consumer has no choice but to pay for their digital services due to sheer necessity. But by giving our customers a way of purchasing products and services from themselves that are equal to or better than what they have right now, and by eliminating the out-of-pocket costs of paying for these services, investing in new hardware etc. By eliminating unfair and oppressive contracts and by giving people a way to capitalize on this redirection of spending, we are confident that our way of doing business will be embraced passionately from sea to shining sea as our growing numbers already indicate."

I think it is safe to say that there really is a wireless revolution taking place and it looks like Triniti Communications will be solely responsible.

About Triniti Communications
Triniti Communications (TrinitiComm) is a privately-held, global, next-generation, digital communications, entertainment, automation and security company with corporate offices located in Canton, Ohio USA.

Their mission is to provide premium, cutting-edge, digital communications products and services that are of the people and for the people and marketed exclusively through a powerful and entirely unique Social Network Referral System, designed to allow you eventually get all of your primary digital services at no-out-of-pocket expense.

The principals of Triniti have over 30 years of experience in communications, entertainment, IT, Internet and data technologies, physical and electronic security, content distribution, broadcasting and more.

Additional information is available by contacting Triniti Communications at