FMS Alert: Spirit Family Plan and Spirit World

Spirit Family Add-a-Line Option
We Are Launched!Apparently, there is some confusion and miscommunication regarding our Family Plan add-on availability. This option is not yet available but will be available very soon. We project having it complete and live sometime in February. Please bear with us. Now that our wireless service is fully live and beginning to go out to the masses, we need a little more time before we can continue testing this add-on service in real-time. We expect to resume testing this feature around the first week of February.

Our priority was getting Spirit live and operating in the field and we have accomplished this major goal. Now we will be able to focus on rounding out our services with all of the bells and whistles that will make Spirit a formidable foe in the wireless space. And speaking of bells and whistles, you may find this news very exciting.

Spirit World® Android App Tests Successful
Spirit WorldSome leaders in the Family got a personal and unexpected call from our CEO last week using our new Spirit World Android app on his Spirit Hero and Spirit Galaxy Tab 10.1. This cool app basically ties your Android-Powered Spirit device to your GeneSys VoIP phone service to allow you to make free and unlimited international phone calls directly from your Spirit device. With full Android phonebook integration, you can access and call your contacts on either the normal Spirit wireless service or using Spirit World with one click. You can also receive incoming calls to your GeneSys number on your Spirit device as well to make sure you don't miss an important call to your home or office while on the go.

GeneSys VoIPWhatever international calling package you have on your GeneSys service, is now available from your Spirit smartphone. So for example, if you have our World Plan on your GeneSys phone service, (allows you to call up to 21 countries unlimited for an additional $5.95 per month), you will be able to call those same countries from your Spirit Android smartphone or tablet also. And remember, your GeneSys service comes with unlimited calling to five countries in either Europe or Asia included at no additional charge, so an add-on flat-rate package is not even necessary for most people to the . The app uses the 3G/4G portion of our Spirit service or your WiFi connection to complete the call.

Spirit World still needs some additional development and tweaking but shouild be live and ready to go in February as well.

The details will be available online soon.

Long Live the Revolution!

Onward and Upward,

Bruce Murray
SEVP Wireless Communications

Monday, January 23, 2012 7:01 PM